If this is your first visit to our "Virtual Gallery" then you'll notice an eclectic collection of various road, trail, and race bikes.  We prefer of course the Honda XL 250 or 350 years 72-77 but other prime rebuild examples of older two wheeled motor transport with be considered.

We enjoy adding to the gallery. And as such, this is your chance to become immortalized in "web" history. If you have a picture or pictures for us to feature then we will be happy to evaluate the photos and Please include your written description of the bike and what you did to resore it. Thousands of people around the world would like to know.. 

Please, if you send by e-mail attachment then let us know that the picture is just that, make sure you have a virus scanner on your computer... PLEASE DO NOT send digital pictures in excess of 800X600 pixels (each). Resize down please. Smaller is OK larger is not.

Or, we can scan your photos if you prefer to submit by snail mail (enclose $5.00 for scanning and a SASE & if you need the pictures returned.)


Smokin' Dave's Bike


Karl Martin
Adam Hooper
Michael Wilson
Thomas Grandell
Andre Pravert
Thom Search
Randal Stefaniak
Glen Keating
Dennis Lukso
Mark McGuane
Brian Dawson
Kevin Brown
Peter Hipp
Kevin's XL 350
Daniel Schneider
Lynn Williams
Pete Beers
Paul Rundel
Kaj Lind XL350
JR's XL350
Phillipp in Switzerland
John Jump's XL600R
Richard X
Ragnar's Nordic Racer
Conrad's XL250
Dave Menteer #3
Dave Menteer XL350
Chris' TL250
King Rickman
Jeff Miner
Huges Jordan
Marc Cica
David Menteer
Rodney Young's XL250
Dave H. Restoration Australia
Dave Whelchel
Darryl Fenton
Daniel ?
Shane's XL350
Chuck Ellis TL250
Mike Thomas
1980 XL500
1981 Honda XL500s Restored
Evan Doughty XL 250
1973 Champion XL350 flat tracker
Steph Triot
1973 Yoshimura XL250 flat tracker
1967 JAWA speedway racer

Dave's XL250 Restoration
Bob's "California Custom"
Bob's Custom XL125
Bob's Yamahonda SL125
Bob's AJS / XL250
Bob's Sturgis 100
Bob's 420 Long Travel
Bob's XL175 Custom
Mark Robb's 78 and 81
Mark Richardson's 75
John Fischman's XL500s
1975 CZ250 w. Joe Abbate
Scott Bogue's 1976 XL350
Li'L Thumper LeanSide

Mike's 1986 Honda XL250
Volker's 1984 XL500
Michael's 74 XL350
Scott DeVore's XL70
Scott Steger's latest
Scott Steger's C&J Hondas
Marty Moates Cheney framed XL
C&J Hondas
Dave's Honda Road Racers
Dick Tett's Cheney/XL
Euro Thumpers
1965 Honda 305 Scrambler
CJ's XL600
Jeff's C&J AHRMA MX'er
Terry Wiley's TL250
German Thumpers
An Aussie XL250 MXer
Knight XL500 Flattracker




 Mike Sutton
Tony Brackett
Stuart Rodden
Peter Hipp
Glen Keating
Mark Manning
Domenico Pelandi
Peter Heiniger
Marek's XL 250
Patrick Escande
Chris van Wyk XL250
Tim Finn, Oregon
Dennis, California
Noel, Australia
Rick Thompson
Andre Pravert
Doug Maxwell
Andrew's 350
Steve Danville XL500
Mark's 74 XL
Horst GrĂ¼tering's 1976 XL250
XL250 "Maicosport"
Dave Wylie's C&J 420 MX
Christopher's New Guinea XL250

Mike Springfield's TL's

Dave Wylie's Menagerie

Steve Poggi's dirt tracker

Bob's Corral

Andrew Fayers' Cafe XL and more

John's $500 XL

Steve's XL250S

Rob Sterkman's XL350

Austin Hendrick's XL600R
Mike Fenner's TL Sidecar rig
Chris' Crew
Murphy's MX Thumper
Phil Smith's XR Riders
Dave O'neal's XR600R
Howard's 1983 XL500RC
Dan's XL350 Clubman
Mark's 1993 XR650L
Tim Jone's XL KTM
Evan's Highway Hoggette
Rob Sterkman's 1976 XL250
Wildguy's 1984 XL 600
Geir Kristiansen's 1987 XL600R
Dave's 290 long-travel MX
Whidbey Island XLs
Dave's AHRMA / Playbike
Dan Fuchs
Jeff's Refurbed 74 XL 250
Steve's 1983 XL200R
Cordell's XR75
Austin's XL600R

Corey's "DownUnder" XL500S

Doug's Fat-tired XL

CL72 flat tracker

1985 XL600R & 1983XL600

Bill Hoch's 1978 XL 350
& 1985 XL 600.

Beach Bob's
Lawrence Shellaby's CZ
Rob Paine's Curtis Honda
A N. Wales 1978 XL250S
PJ's XLs
Dal's C&J framed XL350
Wolfgang's XL's
Stephan's C&J XL
1983XL 200 1976 XL250
Guillermo Pedernera

Road and Trail Bikes

1967 Norton P11 "Scrambler"
1972 Honda XL250
1975 Triumph T150
1976 Suzuki RE-5
1974 BMW R90S
1980 Ducati Darmah SS
1989 Honda GB500
1974 OSSA Explorer

1993 BMW R100RT

1982 Honda GL1100

Race Bikes

Ragnar's Nordic Racer

1962 Honda CL72 AHRMA MX' er
Redline / XL440 AHRMA MX'er
1965 CZ Trials
1974 XL350 MX'er
1972 Honda XL250 Road Racer
1973 CZ 250 MX
1972 Yamaha TD3
1973 Honda CB450
1980 Yamaha TZ250G
Martin From Sweden
Randy Ressell

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