Daniel's 1977 XL250

Three years ago I bought an ugly, XL250K4 `77 as you can see on one photo.

I bought this bike to take part at the “Classis Geländefahrt Isny” witch is only a few kilometres away from my home.

To use this bike offroad, I made a few modifications. I made all by my self and tried not to spend too much money for it.

  1. -          rear shocks from an XL250S (longer)
  2. -          self-made exhaust system
  3. -          shorted rear frame and modified rear fender
  4. -          shorted seat
  5. -          and a lot of little things to use it offroad

The engine is in original condition, so the power is not too much.

But anyway you can ride this bike very fast, because you can always go with full throttle.

So I already bet a few 2-stroke Maicos with much more power.

 As you can see in attached pictures, the XL is now a nice locking “GS” (Geländesport)-Bike.


Leutkirch, Germany