Chris' Crew

Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 21:24


Here are a couple pictures of my xls I took after the ride today. Please excuse the mud, I did not have time to wash them all before dark. From left to right in the front view picture are my 72' 250, 74' 175, 75' 350, 74' 350, and a 72' 250 with a 74' 350 fuel tank. I am looking for a good 72' 250 tank if anyone has one for sale. (reasonable).

I have the stock pipes for the 350s but they are cumbersome in the dirt. I have made some straight down pipes for off road. Kind of hard on the ears but great fun to ride. These bikes are not the best looking bikes but they outlast me on almost every outing and that is all I ask of them. Engines and gearing are pretty much stock. The 350s have Maxxis front tires and handle great in sand or mud. My TL 125 is still in my shop waiting on me to put the 150 overbore kit in. May be winter before I get to it. Hope you enjoy the pictures.