1: 74 XL 350 engine with center 76 center port cylinder head , bore 412    piston and cam XLint
2:Elsinore 250 79 frame with under frame XL     return swingarm !
3: Fox fork and shocks
4: rear YZ wheel and front Elsinore
5: 426 YZ pipe modified ,trapp silencer and made inox tube
6:Mikuni VM 36
7:my brother works in Formule 1 ,he made all the special parts:alu airbox  ,rear brake, footpeg support, pipe, prepar head cylinder, under frame protector, chain guide and many parts
8:the weight : 111kg  dry
9:paint by AXXO DESIGN ,my boss  OK , if you want more informations no problem  

Thank you for your congratulations, first race :April 16th

Steph Tirot XL420MX



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