1980 Yamaha TZ250G

In 1995, wanting to move away from AHRMA's Sportsman 500 class, I bought two TZ250s from a former AMA racer. The bikes had been stored for years, were in pieces, and I gave the H model to Rick Merhar of Accuproducts in return for his assistance in making the G model "race ready".

I also had Rick rebuild the engine in my TD3 and took both bikes to Daytona, that year. Unfortunately, trying to field two bikes at Daytona proved to be my down-fall. In a rush to make practice, I seized the TD3, on the back straight, right before the chicane. Luckily, the 2 finger on the clutch, pre-seizure posture prevented my demise. I de-clutched and pulled into the grass. That year's trip to Daytona was a bust.

Later, I rode the TZ at Road Atlanta one practice day, prior to a WERA weekend. Motoring thru turn seven (?) onto the (at that time) 1 mile back straight, I let the engine "fall off the pipe". Reving it back into it's operating range, the front end pawed the sky, scarring the stuff'ns outa me.

My thought at that moment was "maybe my 48 year old reflexes are no longer capable of handling this light switch of an engine."

Later that year I decided to go back to the dirt - AHRMA MX and trials. I sold this bike to Clint Allen, owner of the Clint Allen Motorcycle Museum.

This picture is from his web site at <www.allenmuseum.com>

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By the way, I'm rather proud of the cosmetics. Merhar rebuilt the engine, Susie and I performed the remaining cosmetic and mechanical work. Susie did the taping for the Kenny Robert's style graphics, I shot the paint job using automotive acrylic. And, notice the "Target Motosports" decal on the fairing.

This is the bike as I bought it.

And this is the finished product.