CL72 engined flat tracker

4 April 2001

This bike was displayed at the classic bike show, located in the Daytona Speedway infield during the Monday running of AHRMA's vintage road racing 2001. I was totally "taken" by the build, so much so I forgot to take a picture. One of the contributors to Michael Moore's Eurospares email lists kindly sent me this photo.

Note the custom frame which utilizes the engine as a stressed member. Also note the ignition mounted on the right side of the crank.

If you know of the bike's owner, please have him contact me. I would like to know more.

7 April 2001

Subject: Re: your CL
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 22:48

Hi Rick, I got your e-mail. Thanks for the interest in my 250 Honda Flatracker. It has a lot of history behind it. It was originally built in 1962 and raced in pro. races by some well known riders. I will write up some information on it and mail it to you .

Thanks for putting it on your web site. It looked that up and spent about an hour and
still didn't see it all. I will keep reading it. I also have a cb160 that I ride in the Pre.
Lightweight class. I won the Intermediate class at Ocala in 2000 on it. I will take some pictures of it too. By the way, the serial # on the 250 is CL72-210002. Look
that up in the parts book.

 Kenny Thomas