Bob's Custom XL1125

Hi Rick,

Been looking for an XL125 to complete my set. Decided to make my own. I always liked the original logo on your website. And since honda didn't have sense enough to make a 125 with that paint scheme, I did it for them with an SL frame and few parts bought here and there. 

I used a slightly larger rear sprocket and shocks that are 1" longer than stock to compensate for the 4:00 x18 rear tire. The forks are from a TL and have the little compression screw in the top bolt.

Good vendors make the job easy and Ed Harr (seat), and Reid (plating) really did a super job on this project. Enclosing pics if you're interested, none of the left side because I still haven't found a stinking side cover. 

Somebody needs to start making old honda body parts!!! 

bigfoot bob, eureka, california