1975 XL250 Jeff Miner
1975 Honda XL 250 - For Sale
My first bike goes back to junior college days with a 175cc Lambretta motor scooter.  But I remember having a picture of the Honda 250 Scrambler (I couldn't afford) up on my bedroom mirror:  The "Dream" Machine.  In 1977, while starting a family with wife and new baby, I saw a 1975 Honda XL 250 for sale.  Pretty close to the Scrambler of my dreams and a chance to get out on the road and on the trail.  Great fun and a necessary get-away once in a while!  This bike you see here came from the desire to remember that time of my life.  I looked for that same bike and purchased this 1975 Honda XL 250 about 3 years ago from a Craigslist ad in Los Angeles.  It was running, sort of. I brought it back to Northern California and took it to a racing motorcycle mechanic to help me get it restored.  $700 later it had everything working, but it still did not run right - lost power at the high end.  It had sat in my garage for 3 years waiting for inspiration on what to do when a neighbor, who is a mechanic and a Harley rider, decided to lend me a hand to get the bike running.  We rebuilt the carburetor, bought a new battery, cleaned the inside of the gas tank and after a few other trials, like remembering to add gas, it started right up.  I took it for a victory lap yesterday and it ran great.  Now I am selling it since, in the mean time, I acquired a four wheeled Jeep for fun.  But I still love the fun of a vintage bike.
Jeff Miner This bike is for sale