Henry Bell Places at IOM with XL250

I used your (XLint Performance) piston and cam in my 250xl and finished second (among) four strokes in Isle of Man classic TT 2012.  Honda 250 twin first four stroke but I finished in front of all the ducati 250s so I know your pistons etc are good.
The 250 is the bike I am sitting on with the silver replica for second place, The other silver was for first place in class on yellow plateded 500 drixon honda as you know it as black bomber, The 250 is also in a drixon frame and was showing 30 bhp on dyno, I had a close box made for it and held it on10.5k on rev counter for 250 kilometers which is four laps of the tt course, the saving was I did not have to pit for fuel which the suzuki had to do, the little bike only used 15 litres (of fuel). We made up an electronic ignition which worked A1.  I was 63 years old then and we supprised a few together thanks
Hi Dave just two gears to make the box close, a high first and low top gear and it works first class pulling through all gears, the 250 was clocked at 113mph through one of the speed traps which was a the start of sulby straight with another 2k left.all four laps were within 5 seconds of each other. the gear cost £105 each but make a big improvement.Thank you Henry


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