Dave's XL250 Restoration


Attached are some photo's of my XL250 in the restoration process.

Dave  Thedomchris@worldnet.att.net

Note: Dave sent me the first two pictures on Jan 19th, 2000, the last four today, Feb 29th. He has also become a major contributor to the Discussion Page and offers many fine insights into XL restoration. I'm particularly impressed with his home paint job on the XL tank, using Eastwood Argent Silver spray paint, finished off with his own pinstripe job. Way-to-go Dave.

The bottom two pictures were sent to me on August 26, 2000. Dave now has 101 miles on the rebuild. Zowee, great work Dave.



From: "Dave Christopherson" <thedomchris@earthlink.net> 
Subject: XL Pics 
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 20:05:44 -0500 

Rick, Here are the pics of my freshly painted XL! I think it looks "Factory Fresh- Brand New"!