Chris van Wyk XL


The name's Chris, I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I am the proud (co)owner of a 1972 Honda XL250 Motorsport. It was handed down to me by my father, who has owned it since new. He had enjoyed riding it for many years (about 45 000miles or so), after which he moved on to a 1989 BMW R100GS, also bought new and one of the earliest of it's series available in SA (as with the XL).

I really enjoy your website, lots of very useful info and interesting bits. The bike is still in it's original condition, but time is taking it's toll, with a few things needing a bit of attention now. I'm planning a full restoration sometime soon, and will keep you posted on the developments.

Please find attached a few pictures of my XL to add to your gallery, and also of my dad's GS just for interest sake. Thanks again for the great website, keep it up! Kind Regards Chris van Wyk