Dennis Lukso

Dave -

Thanks! I've attached a few images of the bike and all the different configurations (dual sport, cafe and brat) I had put it into and some other details. It is currently in a dual sport brat configuration. 

A few of the mods I've put into this bike include tightening the front steering geometry by 2° (frame cut and weld as detailed in Dirt Bike ages ago) which made a drastic improvement in steering "lightness" and handling, custom exhaust from a KZ400 using a packable shorty muffler, flashing high power LED tail/stop light using a modified Lucas housing, seat rebuild/upholstery and shortened the fork length. The bike has had a full (every nut and bolt) dis-assembly and reassembly including the engine with the 2nd over piston rebuild. This bike runs and handles great!

I actually won first prize in a classic cycle show (see attached images).

I will be removing the cylinder and sending it in for machining to accept the 285cc kit. As mentioned in my earlier e-mail, I have a '72 XL250 77mm big bore cylinder, piston, rings and head gasket; very good condition, used on an older bike I had. Would you be interested in some kind of exchange deal for either the parts or the machining work I will be purchasing? If so, I can send it along with the cylinder I will be having machined to fit the 285cc kit.

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