1965 Honda 305 Scrambler

22 September 2000

Hi Richard,

I just recently ran across your web site dedicated to XL motorcycles and found it interesting and entertaining. Between my son and I, we have an 81 XL125, 74 XL175 and a 76 XL350. I also have a variety of other older Hondas.

I have a bike I thought you might consider for your Former Racer picture gallery. It's a 1965 305 Honda Scrambler that was apparently set up for TT scrambles. It has some unique parts on it that I hadn't seen on a Scrambler before. You'll notice from the pictures it has plastic fenders, knobby tires, a large 50 tooth rear sprocket, a battery eliminator and a racing seat. The painted exhausts were also something I had never seen. I don't know if they were available as an after-market item or what.

The battery eliminator is about 1/2 the size of the battery and wired in the same. It apparently takes the alternator to rectifier DC output and sends it directly to the coils. I know if I have a battery in my bike and can disconnect it once the engine is running. The racing seat was made specifically for the Scrambler. I assume it was an aftermarket item. I haven't seen another one. I had the seat re-upholstered when I was rebuilding the bike during the winter of 98/99. The only other non stock items are the ribbed alternator cover and black allen head screws on the side covers.

Some general Scrambler info: weight 338, horsepower (305) 28.5 @9000, top speed 85, cost new $765. CL72's were produced from 1962 - 1965, CL77's from 1965-1968.

It's nice to have a source of information and parts for the XL's. I'm sure I will be checking for some parts sooner or later.





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