Andrew Fayers Cafe XL and more

From: "Andrew Fayers" <>
Subject: Goldie
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001

  The front wheel is from a CB250 k4 8" twin leading shoe. The holes are 47mm diameter, drilled between the strengthening webs, with stainless steel mesh to stop the bits getting in. The front forks are standard xl250k1. Exhaust is my own home brew. The front fender is a light weight alloy as is the rear.  

To over come the problem I have made a decompression system that fits on in place of the exhaust rocker cover. This is connected to a small lever on the handle bars. When I built the trials bike it was a must because of the short kick starter and the bigger motor. The motor is originally a1972 250 K1 with a 250 head, 350 barrel bored to 82mm and modded to take 250 head. It has a 350 crank with 1980 XL500S main bearings fitted.