Dave's Ahrma / Playbike

From: "David Christopherson" <A6Chris@msn.com>
Subject: AHRMA / Playbike
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002

Attached are some photo's of my not so special XL298 (over-bore piston from you) it is nearly complete, this week I have to set the timing statically, install a new right hand side cover gasket, flush the motor and service with fresh oil, flush the tank and fill with fresh fuel, install an inline fuel filter, chase the threads on the right hand footpeg bolt holes, and install the footpeg, install the kick-starter and lastly a air filter, then hope that I get get good iginition and light her off! finally - oh yeah I also need to adjust the cam-chain tension. It is very close to running as you can see and I hope it runs strong! I do not see why it should not! I will also be installing a set of CR250M rear shocks for that ear correct look - high zoot and all..ahahahhaha oh lest I forget I also need to drain / flush and service the forks. I installed a new keyster carb kit also. 

My resto version is running well, and after the completion of this project I need to complete the rebuild of my spare motor. Looking for a stator for that one, and will ask Hoyt to dom the head work, I am bidding on a piston on e-bay for it now, maybe go with a .020 over piston.