1986 Honda XL250



I Purchased the XL from a guy who had the bike in his garage collecting dust 
for years. He said he had it bored out years ago but could never get it 
running right. In fact, it was at the point where he couldn't get it started 
and he just wanted to get it out of his garage. He had it in the paper for 
only $350 bucks. I thought it would be in a lot worse shape than it was. So I 
checked it out and I offered him $300. he took $325.00 and I told him I'd be 
back to get it with my neighbors truck. When I came back in a few hours the 
guy said someone else came to look at the bike after me and offered him 
$500.for it but he told him it was already sold "Sorry".  He did offer me 
hundred bucks if I let him sell it to this other guy. I said no, I don't 
think so. I knew that with a little work and money I could make this XL250 
worth a hell of a lot more and beside that I wanted the bike. Anyway, took it 
home and got it running after cleaning the air cleaner and the varnished gas 
out of the carb, (Just as I expected) I then installed new Jetting to match 
the new bore (that was tuff because of the two carb setup) I think I settled 
on 12.5 and 15 Main jets. I also pulled the snorkel out of the top of the air 
box. The Bike screams now! I also purchase a used speedo assembly from the 
motorcycle bone yard (The old one was smashed). I cleaned the bike up and its 
just so happens the guy I purchased the Bike from had all the turn signals 
and mirrors neatly tucked away in a box he even had the original manual.  In 
all, on top of the $325.00 for the bike I spent another $125.00 and now I 
have a cool little XL250R, in Great shape! I don't plan to do any major mods 
to it, I'd like to keep it pretty much stock. It's made it this long. Why 
mess with it now? I primarily use it for putting around town. I also have a 
98 DR350S I use for dirt riding.
Mike Hammer   HAMMY28@aol.com    01.26.00