1973 CZ 250 MX

I'm am AHRMA racer, in fact I first started racing CZ's in 1971. I've been thru a bunch, but most recently I've raced 125's, 250's, and 400's.

I acquired this bike from a gent who restored it as a "show" and race bike but never raced it. As a result it was the finest cosmetic example of any CZ I had ever owned, and the mechanics were as good as the cosmetics.

The gent replaced or rebuilt every portion of this bike. The crank went to Bley Engineering for a rebuild, they sure can produce a finely balanced crank, but at a price. The engine had everything new: bearings, seals, bore, piston, rings, gaskets, clutch plates, cylinder, etc. It fed with a new Mikuni, thru a new FMF pipe, and was sparked with a new, dual plug Motoplat.

The bike had new MX bars, new Magura levers and throttle, new grips, new forks by Frank, Progressive springs, new Works Performance shocks, new Akront shouldered rims with stainless spokes, new Metzler All Cross, 110/90 rear and 90/90 front tires with new tubes, new chain and sprockets, new plastic fenders, new air filter, new, new, new...

The gent had the frame and swingarm professionally painted, the frame was red but this was a 1973 CZ black frame bike (I much prefer the handling of a black frame over a red frame). The steering and swingarm bearings were replaced and were in fine adjustment.

As purchased, the bike had a Vintage Iron alloy reproduction tank and a GP seat. I didn't like either (the alloy tanks bend easily, and I'm too short for the tall GP seat) so I sold both and fitted a plastic reproduction CZ GP tank and a regular CZ seat with a new Vintage Iron cover. Also, I replaced the yellow number plates with the AHRMA mandated white plates.

I rode this bike one time, October of 1998 in Reddick, Florida.  It was a jet, light, fun to ride, yet forgiving.

I sold this bike on Saturday, October 30, 1999 to a fellow racer and nice guy, George Gould. I know he will enjoy the purchase and hope to see him at many AHRMA MX events.