1976 Honda XL250

Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 13:42:31 +0200
From: "Horst Grütering" <horst@fleximac.nl>

Hi Rick,

Sorry that I did not reanswered your request for writing a small story and
sending you more pictures of my old XL 250.

So here I try:

My english is not very precies, but I do my best:

I am Horst Grütering from Amsterdam, originally, I come from Frankfurt in
Germany where all the story began . . .

In the year 1976 I was intended to to buy one of this legendary beautiful
silver-grey XL 250 (K1)

But it came out different. The good old model was not more sold and in place
of my original order at the bikeshop, came the XL250 K3.

Many kilometeres to France, Italy, and Spain the bike never let me down.
With 45.000 km I installed a bigborekit from Powroll, also a camshaft with
'hotter valve timing'.

This did the job till 2 years ago, when the engine made so much noise, that
I stopped riding.

Till that moment the bike ran more than 120.000 km !!!!! (approx 75,000 miles)

Last year I decided to restore the bike. With a lot of searching on the
internet, I found an engine with about 40.000 km, which was in better condition than my old engine; with two month work, the bike was been reborn.

In the meantime, I got owner of en 3 year old NX 650 Dominator and my
partner is riding on a Nx 250.

But I stil love to ride on my old XL . . .

The result can now be seen on the picture below.

Yours sincerely

Horst Grütering horst@fleximac.nl