Kevin from Door County, XL 350

1974 Honda XL 350 purchased for $500 in the spring of 2011 with 4,700 original miles.
Wouldn’t start and the throttle was frozen.  Cleaned and oiled the throttle and cable, installed a new plug, points, wiring and connectors… Started on first kick and has been running every since!

Fall 2011 I decided to convert into a street tracker.  Engine remains fully- stock but did remove original air-box and installed a new K & N air filter.

Purchased and refinished a used but custom made glass tail section that I re-glassed, finished and primed.  Fabricated new seat pan and utilized foam from original seat which was quite torn. Purchased new leather and upholstered with new leather seat cover.

I removed a battered exhaust system that came off a 76 XL model. Purchased an original but rusty (no holes) exhaust system and refinished. Also purchased separately a used chrome heat shield. Added fiber exhaust wrap at neck coming out of head…intense heat kept burning the paint off.

Lowered the front end to match the rear by installing an 18” front wheel off of an 82 Kawasaki CSR 305 street bike. Fabricated new wheel spacers, replaced knobby tires with new 70% street / 30% off-road tires. Front – Michelin 3.00, Rear – 4.10 Shinko. Removed front brake assembly and speedo. Kept tach but Re-positioned using original headlight bracket.

Cleaned and refinished tank inside and out then painted to original color and scheme by a friend who is experienced with custom paint applications. This included the glass tail section to match as well. Installed new fuel pet-cock and replaced fuel lines.

Fabricated number plates, added new hand grips, mirrors, fork protectors, front L.E.D. headlight, rear tail/brake light and front and rear mini signal lights( not shown).

Chiseled off years of old grease and dirt, cleaned, greased and oiled bike front to back, tightened every nut, bolt and fastener, adjusted every cable and away we go! Next year… strip and paint frame and engine.

Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I have enjoyed this project! It sure is an awesome feeling to roll down the road on a 38 year old vintage machine that has been brought back to life…