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Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001

Hi Rick,

Sent you some pics today by snail of a recently finished project hoping
you'll find them worthy of the gallery, you decide which, if any, to

This is a '76 XL350 that I bought a few months ago. It has been
modified with an XL500 swing arm and forks. Engine has a 420 powroll
kit and a fairly mean Powroll cam and a 36mm Mikuni. Rear shocks are
Fox and mounts have been lowered. Bike has been completely apart with
all hardware plated and frame was plated rather than paint or powder

I've never been too fond of the post '75 tanks and treatment of
this one was a real challenge. I tried several paint combinations and
finally settled on using the knee pads from a CL125 tank and a graphic
styled after some Dick Mann prepared bikes I've seen.

The geometry of the modified swing arm required the fabrication of an
idler pully made from a hard rubber caster on a spring loaded aluminum
mechanism so that the chain could be as loose as required without
flailing around. It seems to work fine

It took a long time to get this bike jetted right--now has a #25 pilot and
150 main with the needle in the top slot--plug is clean, starts on
second choked kick and will idle forever at less than 1000 rpm.

Lot of things on this bike that were new to me and I've had a lot of
help from the guys on the BB--the bike is, to me, dangerously fast and
probably should be owned by a young crazy MX nut---I'll start looking
for one of those right away--I need project space.

bob beach, eureka, ca 


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