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Thanks Dave!! 

Yea I used a Podtronic 12V 200 watt single phase regulator.   The lights work great. I have a high and a low beam. The tail light has a stop light in it as well. I’m running just a tach and the little light bulb works too! I wanted it to look like an old school TT Scrambler. Up front is a 19” wheel that Rocky use to put out for TT racing. The tire is a Pirelli P53. Out back is the stock wheel with a old Goodyear Eagle. The plastic came off of ebay. The front one is really nice. I see he still has some on auction.$15.00!! I had to trim it a little in the back to clear the pipe. The pipe is a NOS Torque Engineering. I got it from a guy who tried using it on a Yamaha and he cut the flange off to see if it would fit the Yamaha. It didn’t so I got it pretty cheap and my buddy turned me down a flange to match my head and it turned out SUPER!! It might have been for a XL250. I don’t know. Are the 250s and 350s different? The back fender is a Preston Petty I found NOS. Hard to find. I was lucky. $20.00!!!  You know it’s a XL250 frame so I used a XL350 swingarm. Extends it another inch. Front end are Betors with MR250 triple trees. K&N bars and Magura levers and 1/4 turn quick throttle. The seat is a light weight plastic base off of a Suzuki I think??? S&W shock I rebuilt. Check out the Bates pegs I used. They turned out nice. I had a set of those nice alloy covers like you have on yours. Those are hard to find!  The carb is one of yours. 36mm Mikuni with a K&N filter.  The Tank is a Clarke 1974 CR125. That’s about it. Oh yea I'm running the old Martek Mototek ignition. Big fat spark. Thanks again for your help Dave. Talk to you later!!