1962 Honda CL72

I built this bike, with the help of Hoyt McKagen, in the winter of 1997/1998. It's an AHRMA MX racer and allows me to compete in the Premier Lightweight class, which I won at Daytona/Ocala for the 1998 Bike Week vintage MX racing.

The bike is super competitive against the other Premier bikes. As the rules require, any non-stock components must be of the same period. The forks, rims, and brakes are the same used on the mid-60's CZ bikes, as are the seat and fenders.

In its current form, the bike sports Mikuni carbs and is fired with points and a total loss, battery powered ignition. The latest addition, 3.22.00, is a KRC (not HRC) muffler, built by Kevin, owner of Piedmont Body Works. The unit is made from a used fire extinguisher body, two 1/2" inlet spigots, and a metal mesh inside holding a layer of fiberglass packing. The muffler was added to increase back pressure and is effective in smoothing the throttle transition from off to full-on, improving ride-ability.

This is a unique and classic mount. It gathers much attention and compliments whenever raced.


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