Here is a pic of my project Dual Sport bike. It took me 5 months to build in my garage. It has a heavily modified 1987 Honda CR 125 frame with a 1987 XL 250 R gas tank, seat, side panels, footpegs, and rear sub frame modified to bolt onto the CR frame. It has a Works Performance rear shock and 1995 CR 500 inverted forks with modified axle to accept the wheel and odometer drive from a 1985 XL 600 R. It has Russell stainless steel braided brake lines. It has a high performance 200cc 2 valve Honda motor (high comp. Wiesco piston, Web Cam, flow ported head, larger stainless valves, performance valve springs, lightened crank, rewound lighting coil (100 watts). The 28mm Flat Slide Mikuni breathes through a K&N air filter in an XR 200 R air box and exhales through a larger diameter head pipe and aluminum Supertrapp. I used an OMF (Orchard Metal Fabrication) motor skid plate. It has front & rear Aluminum disc guards. The bike handles great and turns on a dime. The bike is street legal in California. It has tons of hand made parts and I did all the work myself. Please consider it for posting on your "Custom Framed XL's" page of your XLint web site.
Randy Ressell
Santa Ana, Calif.