AJS / XL250

Hi Rick,

Latest project here.

Oughta be illegal to have this much fun. I imagine you've figured out that it is a '75 XL250 with a slightly British treatment. And for the purists, nothing has been torched or hacksawed and I've saved the old XL body parts -- with a correct paint job on the tank and a few other minor details, you'd have a restored old XL.

It has a new clutch (all plates), new piston, rings, valve job -- complete, apart, re-paint, re-plate, re-spoke, new tires, new seat and lots of new incidentals and a lot of fun...Made my own pipe again, sounds great, runs superbly. Started this job in November with a barn bike I'd found a year ago and have taken it on several rides with other vintage types.

bigfoot bob beach, eureka

Hi Rick ,
i found a pic. of a AJS-Trial-Bike, made 06/00 at the Hoope-classic-Trial-Championship, North-germany.
To compare to Bigfoot`s AJSXL250. kipplass@germanynet.de