1975 XL250

I was surfing and came across your site. Didn't see any 1975 XL250's
so I figured you need a picture or four. Mine's original except for the handle bars, mirrors, grips, forks(the springs were removed and air fork caps installed), rear inner tube, front sprocket(one tooth larger for every day road use), head light bulb(old one burned out on low beam), spark plug, and battery(guess I can't expect a battery to last THAT long). It even has the original tires, all the factory stickers(on the tank, swing arm, and under the seat) and the original owners manual. It's not perfect, the rear wheel spokes are rusty and I had to Kreeme the tank about 10 years ago, but it runs perfect and I ride it work almost every day. Unless I screw up it starts on the first kick. There are somethings I want to do to it, put fork springs back in it, replace the rear wheel, put original bars and mirrors on it, and the XL sticker on the air filter side cover is starting to peel off. Thanks...



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