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below are a couple of pics of my latest project. It's a 75 XL350. It's been morphed into as close a replica as I can make of a CR450RR that the honda factory raced at Daytona in 1968. The front end is from a CB360, Tank is fiberglass from Moto Tumbi in Australia. Front wheel is a shouldered aluminum Excel that came from Buchanan. Clipons from Pro flo. Rear sprocket is 35 tooth aluminum from Sprocket Specialties. I did the pipe, paint, seat and aluminum doo-dads here in the garage. Rear wheel is stock XL with anodizing removed. All hardware has been replated. Engine has recent ring and valve job. Bike is being run with no battery, with the brakelight being powered through a Bat Pac which is connected to the charging circuit. The horn is powered with two 9v batteries concealed in the headlight bucket. Tires are Metzler knock offs made by Cheng Shin. It handles superbly and winds forever in each gear. If I ever get the nerve to try it, I suspect it might do 100 mph.






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