Dal's C&J XL350 AHRMA MX'er

Hi Rick,

I just looked at your site, pretty neat, pretty bikes.

I won four AHRMA national MX championships on my C&J XL so far, a broken leg at Casey slowed me down some. The C&J has the alloy air box, very nice work by them, said they only did 8 of them.

I hadn't raced since the mid '70s. I MX'd then and have kept very active in cycling. I currently am the Vice Chairman of the AMA Board of Trustees. I see the Jeff Smith just won his seat on that board after the "polls" closed Mon. No recounts! No hanging Chads, maybe "hanging off" Chads.

Cycle World in Nov & Dec of '74 had two articles on making a C&J/XL MX bike,
that was just after Staten raced the similar bike at Evil's MX at Twin Falls.

Mark McGrew of M3 racing, has a real nice black frame/red body C&J/XL, get a
picture of his.

Mine is a C&J chassis with Maico forks, Yamaha YZ front hub, Honda CR rear wheel, 449cc stroker.

It's the holeshot king with 4 years of racing AHRMA MX. Fun.....