Thomas Grandell

XL250 racebike

Started as a project for a motorcycle magazine in Sweden that I built it in 2007 and after that it has been raced by the magazine with some success in Scandinavian Classic racing 250 cc class, second and third places as best results.

I bought it back last year and went through the hole bike during the winter and tried to make it lighter and faster. It lost 4-5 kilos and with a high compression piston from XLNT  the engine gained some power. I have raced it this year and won seven races on it and it is now a really good racebike, I can´t compete with the two cylinder twostrokes om the straight but it is really good at all the other parts of the track.  Won the Scandinavian Classic Racing Cup with it.

The frame is a finnish made replica of a McIntyre G50 made for a Ducati 450 but modified for Honda XL250. Engine 1972 XL250 with Megacycle cam, JE Piston 75,5mm, inlet is moved from the side to central, Mikuni 38mm. Bottom is original without flywheel and also the gearbox wich is the worst part with the very high fifth gear.

I guess it makes about 30 rear wheel hp , best topspeed on track this year is about 160 km/h or 100 mph, weight with oil no fuel 98 kilograms.