Dick Tett's Cheney framed XL motocrosser

1 September 2000

My fine mate, Brian Gomm, advised prior to the WTC at Hawkstone that his bud Dick Tett would be bringing two of his bikes. One is a much revered CCM, the other would be a Cheney framed XL.

Sure enough, Dick rode both bikes in the WTC, and I had a chance to talk with Dick and photograph the XL.

Personally, I believe that the Cheney framed XL's are the ultimate custom framed Hondas. And, as you can see from the pictures below, the frame makes a fine looking mount.

Dick told me that the Cheney/XL handled like a dream, very predictable, stayed planted in the corners, and was easy to ride. The engine is an XL350 with a Powroll piston and stroker kit, making the displacement around 440cc. The engine also was built with a Megacycle roller bearing cam and titanium valve keepers. 

Front suspension is a period Yamaha fork set, the rear is suspended with a PAIR of Works Performance shocks.

According to Dick, he found the bike on a farm in central England, the farmer's sons were using is as a play bike. Wow, one of those "barn" finds.