Michael Wilson

I just bought this bike last year. I had the same bike when I was 16 in 1974. I plan on riding in the woods as back then I ran enduros with this model. Back then I had a Powroll kit for the 175 and various after market products, like Preston Petty products, D.I.D. rims, etc.

With this bike I intend on riding in the woods again. I am replacing as many stock parts as I can with after market products. This will achieve two things for me; preserve the original stock parts and shave some weight off the bike. I intend on leaving the engine stock.

I just received Preston Petty fenders with a headlight and tail light. Next is a side pipe to replace the original, since that down swept pipe is so vulnerable.

Love your website, but wish there were more people into the XL 175's that I could get advice from.
Mike Wilson