Kevin Brown's XL350

Hi Dave

The bike was totally rebuilt from the ground up .  Front fender is a 74 CR 250 fender. I made the mounting bracket as well as the rubber flap. Rear fender is stock with a aluminum mounting plate to hold a plate for offroad riding in Ontario. Everything has been repainted & cleared on the bike except the tank. I left it alone.  The exhaust was made from scratch including the heat shield.  Foot pegs are from 74 CR 250 . Kicker side foot peg repositioned so inline with shifter side. Both shifter & brake pedal modified so they collapse in case of a fall. They also are dog leashed. Skid plate is a modified 76 Xl 250 unit. Rear shocks are also 74 CR 250 with the cooling fins machined off & new billet pcs made & pressed on. Lots of brackets on the frame no longer needed have been removed. choke know repositioned using one of the ears on the upper tripple tree originally for the head light. there is a crankcase breather in the battery compartment. The kickstand is longer. Fuel cap off a newer xl model. Lots of stuff done on the bike to  achieve  a desired look . # plate 74 ofcourse & is held in place with the original reflector clamps & spacer blocks. Motor is fresh 390 with much needed help from XLINT Performance. uses a 250 flywheel . Would like to upgrade to CDI at some point.  & change to a 5" rear tire. Again (that certain look)

Dave most of this is probably of no interest to anyone. Please feel free to print only appropriate material.
Thanks, Kevin