XR 350 chassis, '75 XL 350 engine


     I tried to send this photo in a couple years ago, but now I know more about photo resizing, maybe it will make it into the gallery this time.  This a 1985 XR 350 chassis with a '75 XL 350 engine--the original '85 engine was dead and we had the '75 engine sitting around without a home, so one day a friend of mine decided to buy all the parts and have me build him a bike.  The engine is mostly stock except for a Venolia flat tracker piston that I cut down from some ultra high compression ratio to something down around 11:1.  I also made up the big exhaust pipe.  When this photo was taken it had a home-made super-trapp exhaust on it, but that has since been replaced with a "real" one.

     As we are living and working in Papua New Guinea, (in the same place where Christopher used to live), we decided not to repaint the engine so as to give it more of a "don't steal me, I might break" look.

     Anyway, it's still going strong.


75 350



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