Stephan's C&J framed XL

Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 11:32:45 EST
Subject: C&J XL

My Name is Stephan Ender from Mannheim/Germany.

I hope You have Fun with my Bikepics.

Engine: XL 500 R with Megacycle Camshaft 
Carburator: Mikuni 36 mm
Fork: Showa 43 mm
Rear Shocks: Íhlins APP
Tank , Seat , Fenders from a CR 250 Elinore 79

I ride this Bike on a Classic Race Series on the Racetrack at Walldorf/Germany
in the MSC Walldorf/Astoria.

I ride two Bikes my other Bike is a 1980 CR 250.