Michael's 1974 XL350

February 16, 2000

Hi Rick;
This is my 1974 XL350. I took this picture before installing the turnsignals that you supplied. Thanks again. I purchased this bike from a guy who decided not to restore it. So far I have done... 

Paint (not original/shaker can special until later)
Repacked steering bearings and greased swingarm (wheel bearings next on list)
Needle Jet (this jet was missing! and caused a very rich running mess)
Gas Tank de-rusted and coated
Seat upholstery
Headlight/instrument lights
Handlebar kill/headlight switch assembly

And the biggest pain in the backside: Registration through The California Department of Motor Vehicles who I believe have a mandate to remove older motorcycles from the road through bureaucratic terrorism. If the old bike you want to buy has no papers or if it is on record and has delinquent fees, you are in for it boy. This has unfortunately caused a big group of liars to develop to get around these problems... heck the department is getting its registration/tax that is enough.

Anyhow, NEAT bike! This engine has low end grunt that is fantastic but I know I do not have to tell you that. Eventually I would like to replace the big ugly stock pipe with the Powroll item. But I do not want to cut up my rear under fender so I need to make a replacement and save the original. Great webpage! I will be in touch.

Michael Harper
Atascadero CA