Bob's XL175 Custom

Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001
Subject: XL175 cafe 

Hi Rick,

Attached are a couple of progress pics of my current 175 project--it's about 80% complete--waiting for some plating to arrive for final assembly. I'll send some completed pics when it's done...

The bike is a 1974 XL 175---front end is from a KZ 200 (mid 80's I think) and the swap was amazingly straight forward--just had to retain the races from the XL stem.. Brake is a manually operated disc. No fluid involved.

Muffler and pipe were cobbled from some unknown bike and megaphone has a full silencer which is not installed in this pic....

I made the seat using the original pan with a fiberglassed styrofoam bump on the back and getting it mounted at the right angle (flat) required removal of the signature XL "hoop" at the rear and a replacement strut under the seat.

I was able to buy the whole front end at the AHRMA Sear's Point event for $25 including instruments. Amazingly the tach received the old XL cable perfectly -- remains to be seen whether it'll be accurate -- clip-ons are from ProFlo. The huge headlight is an item yet to be tackled -- at this point, the bucket is from an XS650 and I'd like to make it work but I have a couple of alternatives just in case.

Hope you like it.

Bob Beach
Eureka CA

Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001
Subject: bob's XL 175 cafe 

Hi Rick,

Attached and with next email are some photos of the 175
completed--amazing how much work and how many details were in the last
20%---bike is done now and running great and seems about on a par with
the little green SR 150 bike which is what I'd been shooting for....
still need a front fender--holding out for a CL 175 (1971 painted
type)...large headlight was made for 12v system--bought a used 6v lamp
and dremelled out the bulb and reflector and attached to the dremelled
out 12v reflector so the lighting system remains stock as does the
harness which really simplified the job--the little after market turn
signals have 12v bulbs but seem to be working ok on the stock system...
hope you like it--bob beach, eureka