1967 Norton P11 "Scrambler"

A 1967 Suzuki X-6 was my first bike. I was the terror of the streets and won many a street race against Brit bikes with three times the engine size.

I kept the bike for two years, then traded it on a Norton P-11 scrambler, really a fire breather, hard to start with my 150 lb frame and, with the standard open pipes, loud, obnoxious, not real fast, but the lady was quite a looker. Didn't ride it much as I had by then started racing dirt track and hare scrambles, on a dealer sponsored...... Bridgestone rotary.

But that's another story.


This picture of a P11 courtesy of Roger Nicole St-Louis, who wrote "Bonjour,
Vous pouvez prendre tout les photos, logos ou animées que vous désirez.
Au plaisir, RODGE"

With permission of Peter Thistle and The Norton Owners Club

Twin cylinder, four stroke, 360 degree crank, 73x89mm bore and stroke displacing 745 cc, twin carbs, dry sump, four speed gearbox; double down-tube frame, drum brakes; 3.25 x 19" front, 4.00 x 18" rear, 368 lbs.