Mark Robb's 78 and 81


One is a 78 and the other is a 81. I bought 4 XL250's that should have been junked from a guy in Utah. I made 2 good bikes from the 4. It was really a tough job because the bikes had been ridden out in the salt flats around Salt Lake City and they were really rusted up. Anyway after a lot of time and effort I got them back to good running condition. The 81 I painted like original but the 78 I painted like a 72 model paint scheme. I sold them both a couple months ago and the guys I sold them to love them. I have some extra parts for the XL's if you know any one who needs some. I have a complete rolling chases, seat and tank that need a lot of help, etc...


One of my current projects is helping a friend of my sons fix up a 72 XL250. It is a lot easier project then the ones I had.




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