Tony Brackett

The story of the bike.

It is not a restoration but more of a maintaining story.  I purchased the bike new in Shelby, North Carolina.  It has the speedometer and odometer which goes to 99.9.  For the first several thousand miles I counted every time it rolled over.  It would not surprise me if it has close to 15000 or more dirt miles on it.  It has been a tough reliable bike that has run hard trying to keep up with bigger bikes and getting the best of many in the tight woods and hills.  It has been drowned in the river in 92', took weeks to get all the water out of the crankcase, rolled down hills and jumped things it shouldn't.  A set of rings and timing chain and gear are the major repairs.  Recently my son ran water up the tailpipe when we were washing it and I did not see him.  Something happened and I didn't try to start it when finished and several weeks later realized the cylinder was full of water when trying to start it.  Again much draining and WD-40 down the cylinder and finally got it running.  Several oil changes later it has virtually quit smoking.

All the plastic is original as well as the seat cover and paint.  I have contemplated really restoring it back to new condition, but what would I have?  A bunch of new parts is not my bike, this is.

Please include my bike in the gallery.

Pictures here;Tony Brackett