Rick's 1964 CZ Trials

This is a somewhat rare bike, built by CZ as a dual purpose machine. It originally came with a bill of sale and/or title and could be ridden on the street.

I acquired it some years ago for AHRMA vintage trials. It allows me to compete in the Premier Lightweight class, as you can tell from the from the following snippet, direct from the AHRMA Rule Book:

12.1.2 PREMIER LIGHTWEIGHT: Any pre-1965 era and like design, unit- or non-unit construction, two- or four-stroke machine, 250cc and smaller. Also, unit-construction, four-stroke machines over 300cc. Examples: Greeves, Dot, Cotton (Villiers-powered), BSA C-15 or B40, Royal Enfield Crusader, Triumph Cub, Triumph 500 unit twin or Triumph-powered Greeves. Modifications and major components are limited to those of the era, typical of machines in the 1960s

The only modifications I've made to my bike are replacing the Jikov carb with a Mikuni, Hoyt McKagen fabricated the necessary spigot mount; and, removal of the side stand.

It's interesting that this bike features a dual purpose kick start and shifter lever combination. The lever is pushed in towards the engine cover at the pivot point, it rotates up into a vertical position to serve as a kick start lever. Once the bike starts, the lever is pushed down to a shifter position. The bike also has an "automatic" clutch, moving the shift lever actuates a cam/lever arrangement that moves a rod, momentarily separating the clutch plates, somewhat like some modern ATVs.

This bike will be attractive to any CZ aficionado, and would allow one to compete in trials with the same brand as that person uses for mx competition.

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Interestingly, while I was competing at the 1998 AHRMA Mid-Ohio trials event on this bike, Dick Mann walked over to me at the start of one of the sections and began a conversation about his employment at a CZ dealership during the '60s. He hadn't seen one of these bikes in many years.