Daniel's XL 500

Hello Dave,

If you want to post any pictures of my bikes, please use these.
They show my XL right after I washed it, and they are the size you wanted on your website. The first two pictures are of my lifted 1981 XL500S. If you look closely you can see my "power valve" lever right behind the kickstarter. It is a small spring loaded cover over a hole in my exhaust pipe. This bike is very quiet until I flick it open with my foot, I get almost 6 more hp from cutting down on the engine's back pressure, yet it is not really loud since about half the exhaust is still going through my muffler. I heard that the old hot rods used to have the same type of thing. The last picture shows the other XL500 that I own in front of my parent's garden and castle. A 1980 XL500S.

Here are the specs on my 1981 XL500S;

  • 1981 XL500S frame
  • 1982 XL500R motor bored 1st over (The motor used to be a flat track motor so I don't think the cam is stock)
  • 1981 XL500S carb
  • K&N air filter
  • front forks with 12" of travel, off of a 1979 Husqvarna CR250 (As is the front wheel)
  • 19.5" rear shocks with about 11" of travel modified off of a 2007 Can-am
  • Outlander 650 quad with XR springs, and home made preload adjusters.
  • Rear wheel off of a 1983 YZ125
  • Fuel tank of of a 1980 model XL500
  • Dry weight about 264 lbs

Here are the specs on my 1980 XL500S;

  • Engine almost stock except I think it was bored out once
  • 1981 XL500 carb
  • 35mm XR500 front forks
  • 1981 XL500 rear shocks, 16.5" long
  • 1981 XL500 swingarm
  • Dry weight about 285 lbs

Thank you, Daniel


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