Tim Finn’s XL200R

Greetings from Oregon. This is my 1984 Honda XL200R that I recently found on Craig’s List. I had the bike tuned up, changed the oil, and put on a new pair of Shinko 705 Series Dual Sport tires. The bike now runs great. The tires, which are designed for 75/25 street and dirt use were a perfect choice for the way I use my bike. It can be a little bit difficult to get started when cold, but once warmed up it runs like a watch.

I’ve found the bike to be a bit underpowered for highway use, and the drum brakes are kind of weak, but the bike is excellent for trips around the city and relaxed cruising on rural roads. I plan on keeping my bike stock. These motorcycles have a reputation for good reliability, and parts are still readily available. I hope to enjoy many years of economical service from my little thumper.