Technical topics and links

Build your own Honda (XL125 racer)

1972 Honda XL250 MX Project

Exhaust Building

"WM" rim width and tire sizes

Wiring diagrams XL250 and XL350

XL250/350 engine oiling

"modernizing" front suspensions

Homemade Shock Compressor

XL 250 / XL 350 Cam and Transmission Differences

XL Carburetor Air Valve

Replacing Fork Seals

Extracting Bolts

Nuts and Bolts: Chassis Alignment Basics, and more

Honda restoration and engine painting

Cable making

XL250/350 Cam Installation

Japanese bike - Ignition Points Identification

Building a Bill Bell Replica

Race Kitting a Honda SL125

Mikuni VM Factory Carb Specs

Eight Basic Fork Tips

Exhaust pipe calculations

Mounting the #&*^@! cam sprocket

Custom Frame Building

Old Man Honda Repair Hints

Dan's On-line Motorcycle Repair Course

Honda wire colors

XL350 top-end overhaul

Metric to English tire size conversion

Wheel building (1)

Wheel building (2)

Wheel building (3)

NGK plug chart

Understanding Honda part numbers

Rebuilding a Honda petcock

Carb tuning guide (1)

Carb tuning guide (2)

Charging system basics

Troubleshooting charging systems

Exhaust formulae calculations

Fuel tank restoration

Honda ignition keys

"Reading" a piston

Motor oil basics

Extracting stuck screws

Fuel basics

Degree'ing a Camshaft

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