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repair manual available for the XL250/350

1972 thru 1976

a very nice reprint in a 3 ring binder

$25.00 + $10.00 shipping in the US


Used clutch plate sets, $25 (within service limits)


new clutch plate set(fiber plates) $80.00


new high performance clutch spring set, $22.00


Gear sets, $150


Shifter mechanism, with good splines, complete from case outwards, $135

Starter mechanism, with good splines, complete from case outwards, $135.00

32 ,34, 36 or 38mm Mikuni carb, jetted to 4stk performance specs, comes as complete kit with carb,throttle,throttlecable and air filter for both the 250 and 350 XL, 72 to 78. see picture below

Rebuild your engine or ours, to your specs, top end or complete. Call for quote.

XL250 and XL350 new and used parts; instruments, handlebars and controls, forks, side covers and air boxes, Honda fenders, front and rear complete wheel assemblies, tail and head lights, Honda and after market fenders, frames, tanks, engines and engine components, including kick


XL 250/350 Kick Lever, no longer in stock. Check e-bay. 250/350 interchange


Another Kick lever
XR-XL 250-500 78-82?
$ 49.95 


BRAKE SHOES, front and rear for XL250/350, 72 thru 78

$39.00 per pair



I now have new oil pump rotors in stock, replace them before they break and ruin your motor.

I can rebuild your oil pump if the case is good, new inner &outer rotor, gasket and O rings + lap the case halves.$60.00 +$6.00 shipping


battery wiring harness, new ,with main harness connector. $15.00 + shipping

New exhaust rocker arms for XL250
$60.00 each + shipping



complete carb replacement kit. Installing this Mikuni carb will make any XL run better.

Includes a new prejetted Mikuni carb with extra jets, throttle, throttle cable and air filter. XL250---$280.00    XL350---$295.00

Upgrade to a K&N angle filter for $30.00

we can recondition your left side engine cover with new clutch pivot bearing and install brass bushings where needed.e-mail for prices


Plastic Replacement Fenders, Yellow only Available, Plus shipping




 Now in stock, universal tail/stop light assembly. Nice
polished aluminum housing with wiring and lens.
$45.00 + shipping

NEW original equipment coils for the 72-75 250 & 350. the mount bracket can be modified to fit the 76 thru 78 models $96.00 + $6.00 shipping

fork seal
$16.00 + Shipping US $5.00




New! XL 350-250 
Brake Lever rubber tipped

New! XL 350-250 
Lever set, rubber tipped,$14.00 + Shipping


complete gasket set to fit


71 - 75

$29.00 + shipping

Other gasket sets available,

XL100/125 and others.

e-mail for availability

Top end and complete gasket sets are available for 72 thru 77 250.


 starter and shifter assemblies, seats in need of new covers, etc.

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