The following were submitted by Bill Bell's good friend, Larry Bradford.


Bill Bell and his son Mike (center of picture) at Saddleback Park in SO CA
Bill Bell in Baja at Mikes Sky Ranch in the mid 70's. We were down there pre-running the Baja 1000.
Bill at our annual Christmas minibike race party for all the guys at my friends MC salvage yard. I worked there for a couple of years about a year ago. The field you see is completely covered with broken MC's. Bill's bike was an XR750, I mean an XR&% that was bored and stroked to 116cc with a Kawy Button Mag. He really liked to cheat. HAHA
I took this and the next picture during a trip with Bill Bell to Baja in about 1974. The rider is Jody Nicholas who was National #58 in the late 60's and early 70's
Jody Nicholas.

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